Tons of ways to write Date Headers for any Planner -Free Printable

I like to write different date headers every week .I have created a bunch of date headers incorporating my simple and minimalistic style. I have created a PDF of the designs so that I can file it along with my other bullet journal collections and have a peek at them anytime I want a fresh one .You can grab it for free HERE if you would like to add it to your collection too or just click on any of the pics below to go to the dropbox download link.

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Weather Symbols ( Icons) For any planners + Free printable

I love to doodle. Not anything complex or time consuming . The one that can be drawn in 2-10 seconds. One of my favorite thing to doodle in planner is the weather symbols/icons. The picture below is my weather icon collection page in my bullet journal.

I have made the icons into free printable which you can grab it HERE

..If you would like you can grab it from below

Easy To Draw Weather Symbols/Icons

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